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Welcome to
Pamona Garden Design

We offer a full range of garden design,
consultancy and maintenance services.

Whatever the size or scope of your project,
Pamona Garden Design offers a solution to
meet your requirements, time-scale and budget.



Need help designing a garden
that's right for you?


You can be confident we will design you the perfect garden

We offer a bespoke design service for your garden. Every site is different and needs a unique solution. It is important to realise the special relationship between you and your garden to fully achieve the design that best suits you. We discuss the project and assess the site in order to have a clear view of what has to be done to create an exceptional garden. This initial meeting usually lasts for a couple of hours and costs £175 (which is offset against the commissioned design work). Thus if you proceed with the project this consultation is free.

We can also offer a oversight service of the construction of the project on behalf of our clients. This saves time and money especially when the project is complex and requires different trades. Please ask for our tariff of charges.

Whether samll or large we can design the perfect garden for you!


We are proud to offer professional maintenance to keep your garden and the design always perfect.

Regular maintenance is essential

Your garden at it's best - all year round

Our highly skilled team of RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and University of Bristol Botanic Garden trained Horticulturists visit your garden with the tools and equipment to give the plants and your garden the best treatment at a reasonable price. Please ask for special rates.



Selecting the right plants for your location and design is the key to beautiful garden.


It's all about the plants

Each location in your garden has its own requirements. Be it be sunny or shady, boggy or dry or too nutrient rich or poor? Therefore the species of plants we select to use in your garden, will compliment the conditions and this enables a successful garden in the long term.

The next step is to match assorted plants that will thrive in your location, so that the design works aesthetically and practically.

And of course we source good quality plants and monitor their delivery and planting to ensure you enjoy the best results from your garden.

Perfect plants make all the difference

About Us

Get to know our team.

Matthias Spall

Matthias Spall

Matthias is now doing his dream job. After a long and successful career as a lawyer in Berlin, he has changed direction and now lives and works as a garden designer, author and horticulturist in Bristol, UK. Even as a child he had his own garden and passionately collected plants. What could be better than to study Garden Design in England with it's famous gardening tradition.

After completing his Garden Design Diploma in 2012 at one of the UK's leading private colleges, The Garden Design School, and taught by leading English garden designers Moria Farnham and Rob Templar Williams, Matthias worked for several months at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden, where he continues to regularly volunteer.

Matthias has travelled widely and in winter 2013/14 spent several months studying in New Zealand, where he worked at the Botanical Gardens of Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin. Special studies of native plants led him into the Southern Alps of New Zealand and into the fern forests of the North Island.

Matthias writes about his many garden visits on his blog and is currently researching a book about gardening.

His Garden Designs are inspired by his travels and show colourful, airy and playful designs as well as traditional forms. Matthias' philosophy is that the design of the garden serves both people and environment; and the end result is your garden paradise.

Why Pamona?

Pamona is not only the goddess of paradisical gardens, apples and orchards, but was also inspiration for the young Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who as a young 19 year old architect, planned a garden temple on the Pfingstberg in Potsdam near Berlin, Germany in 1801. The simple but ingenious design of this small garden house impressed Matthias and has always been a source of inspiration and is reminiscent of his work.


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If you would like to discuss your own garden or specific project and would like to know more about our services and our charges please contact us to arrange a meeting. All costs are exclusive of VAT at the standard rate.